For Bible-believers who yearn to give more for the ministry:

Discover How You Can Become A Generous Giver Even If You’re Still On Survival Mode

Overcome The 6 Spiritual Limiting Beliefs That Hold You Back From Living An Abundant Life

The Breakthrough Book To Beat Spiritual Limiting Beliefs Towards Money

“Riches for God”

10 YEARS Of Research To Dig Out Subtle Truths From The Best-Selling Book Of All Time

Riches for God - Biblical Financial Stewardship 1

In the First 3 Chapters, you’ll discover:

  • How you can have peace of mind while you prosper with God (not prosperity gospel), see page 11
  • The most underrated aspect of Christian life and why you need to consider this, see page 13
  • Why doing this mistake is hurting a special area of the ministry, see page 14
  • The 2 real sources of evil (it’s not what you thought it was), see page 15
  • How to think about wealth even if you’re still struggling, see page 16
  • How to have a positive relationship with money without relying on affirmations, see page 17
  • Why contentment can be dangerous if done this way, see page 19
  • What you should do instead, see page 20
  • Why simple life is overstated (and how you can fix this in no time), see page 22
  • The single trait recommended by a King, to prepare for difficult times, see page 25