A personal Message to You From Our Founder

What You Believe In Matters

Dear book lover,

Let me tell you a story about a part of my journey.

I remember a saying, that my Papa shared to me when I was just a young girl. My Papa is a wide reader, so, this may be something that he came across with from one of the many books he read.

He told me, “It is better to aim your arrow to the moon and hit an eagle, than to aim your arrow to an eagle and hit a rock.”

Maybe that is part of the reason I have been always a big dreamer. My father planted that seed in me when I was still young.

“Shoot for the moon.”

What we teach our children matters

It may set the stage for what they may become for when they grow up.

I learned from one of my mentors that the beliefs that we have are formed by three methods: what we observed, what we heard and what we have experienced. What we believe in determines how we will act.

Jesus taught this same principle to His disciples in Mark 9:23:

“Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.”

That’s how powerful our beliefs are!

In yet another Scripture passage, we find the story of two blind men who came to Jesus to ask Him to make them see. Jesus asked them, “Do you BELIEVE that I am able to do it?” The two blind men replied with a resounding, “YES.”

Do you know what Jesus told them next?

Jesus said, “According to your FAITH (belief), it shall be DONE unto you.”

Guess what? The two blind men were soon able to see what they just “see” in their mind possible!

You may look up the passage in Matthew 9:27-29.

As you can see, most of our beliefs were formed while we were young. That is why, it is important that we teach our children positive beliefs while they are still young.

Reflect for a while what are some beliefs that you got from your childhood. Which of those beliefs are not serving you right now? Once you identify those beliefs that do not help you, you can disassociate yourself from those beliefs and form new ones that is more aligned to the person who you want to become.

If you have your own child/children and you want them to get started with the right kind of beliefs, we have some interesting children stories that can help you build them up on a sure foundation.

Now, that you have realized how our beliefs largely affects our results even when we are already adults, I hope you would consider to really prepare your child/children early on. That’s all for now!



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