Little Stewards Series

God Owned Us Twice - Little Stewards 1
God Expects Obedience - Little Stewards 2

This series aims to make your child aware of God’s plan for his life at a young age.

The books in this series strive to explain these seven (7) principles.

1. God is the Supreme Owner of everything.

2. God created man for a purpose and He expects obedience from us.

3. God intends to bless us for our obedience and there are consequences otherwise.

4. God’s blessings to us are to be enhanced by our good stewardship of the time, talent, and treasures He entrusts to us.

5. As stewards, we have the mission to manage and maximize these resources to minister to others.

6. Our stewardship is key to the fulfillment of the Two Greatest Commandments and God’s Great Commission.

7. Our faithful stewardship is a means for the Great Commission for which has God’s promise of earthly and eternal rewards.

The ultimate agenda is to raise future leaders that will hold key positions as kingdom providers for the praise and glory of God, here and to the regions beyond.